Sex chat on we chat

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Sex chat on we chat

Documenting censorship on a system with a server-side implementation such as We Chat’s requires devising a sample of keywords to test, running those keywords through the app, and recording the results.We used a sample of keywords found blocked on other apps used in China and systematically tested that sample in two modes: one-to-one chat and group chat.It is estimated that Chinese users spend a third of their mobile online time on We Chat and typically return to the app ten times a day or more.We Chat is owned and operated by Tencent, one of China’s largest technology companies.

Market growth outside of China has also been hampered by incidents that remind international users of the restrictions We Chat faces at home.

We found a greater number of keywords blocked on group chat compared to one-to-one chat, which suggests that communications on group chat are specifically targeted, potentially because group chats can reach a larger number of users.

In both chat modes, users are no longer presented with a warning message when they enter blocked keywords, as indicated by previous reports.

Operating a chat application in China requires following laws and regulations on content control and monitoring.

Accordingly, the popularity of We Chat has also been met with suspicions of surveillance and media reports of censorship.

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